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Discover CASHFLOW for Kids E-Game, a fun game created to teach your child the subjects of money and investing. A family’s attitude about money is a powerful influence on a child from a very early age. The more your children play, the higher their financial IQ will become.

With all the talk lately about how violent video games are you can feel very secure that Cash Flow for Kids eGame is an excellent alternative to the usually "blood and guts" type games.

I remember playing video games that touted themselves as "kid friendly" only to find them dull and boring.  Surprise, you kids will find them dull too.  This is NOT the case with Cash Flow for Kids e Game.  This game has action that anyone can find exciting, making money.  And hopefully, your kids may just learn something while the are "playing".

Many children over 8 or 9 may find Cashflow for Kids e Game too easy.  No worries, just graduate them up to Cash Flow 101 the e Game.

Many children over 9 may find Cash Flow for Kids Board Game too easy. No worries, just graduate them up to Cash Flow 101 Board Game.

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